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Hexagon Ring 4×5 Block

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Another bee block!  This block is the test block for the 4×5 modern Quilt Bee, quarter three.  I’m really excited about this bee, but am starting to get a little nervous in regards to fabric choice!  I’ll have to really think about which fabrics I choose so they will show well in the block! But, there with be nothing going on upstairs in the sewing room for now….it’s 101 degrees here! 101! What is that! Thankfully I have Rita’s Water Ice rootbeer flavor and custard to cool me down, and Downton Abbey and various Korean Drama’s to occupy my time in the much cooler downstairs!

Robert Kaufman Solids Charm Pack Challenge

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011


I would like to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and links on the Interlocking Seasons quilt block tutorial.  I am still in the process of replying to all of the comments and questions, and please let me know if you have any problems with the tutorial!  It was a labor of love and I hope everyone enjoys the pattern and makes lots of quilt blocks!  I must say that most of the credit for this belongs to Mister Parfait, he did an amazing job and I can’t believe I doubted his design in the beginning! (Okay, I’ll admit, I was still bitter over my design not working out, tehehe) I was able to see the first block made from the tutorial yesterday morning, it is beautiful!

The quilt above is for the Robert Kaufman Solids Charm Pack Challenge (using the Dusty Palette) for my local Modern Quilt Guild!  I wasn’t able to make it out to the meeting last month for the big reveal; I wish I could have been there to see everyone’s quilts!  We used almost every charm square to make the hexagons and the surrounding white fabric is also half and full hexagon shapes.  The hexagons are all machine pieced.  This would be considered a “mini” quilt; it is only about 25 inches square as a top! 
EDIT: Tutorial is up!

Quilt Block Tutorial: Interlocking Seasons

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Interlocking Seasons Quilt Block Tutorial

Version 1.1

*PDF Click Here*

This 12.5” x 12.5” block will require 6 different fabrics; 4 for the outer rings, 1 for center ring, and 1 for background.

  Outer Rings (For each of the 4 fabrics): 

Piece: Quantity: Measurement:
A-1 3 1.25”x 3.5”
A-2 4 1.25”x1.25”

Center Ring:

Piece: Quantity: Measurement:
C-1 4 1.25”x 3.5”
C-2 4 1.25”x1.25”


Piece: Quantity: Measurement:
B-1 4 1.25”x 2.75”
B-2 8 1.25”x2”
B-3 9 1.25”x1.25”
B-4 4 8”x8” -  triangle




(*Use the following direction as a suggestion. Cutting each piece one by one will result in more accurate result but you can save time by minimizing the number of cuts by cutting multiple pieces at once.)

a. Outer rings

  1. 1. Cut 1.25” wide strip of Outer Ring Fabric. A strip of half yard fabric should be sufficient. 
  2. 2. Fold strip to make 4 layers of 1.5”. Cut all four layers into 1.25”x1.25”(A-2)
  3. 3. Fold remaining strip into 3 layers of 3.75”. Cut layers into 3.5” x 1.25” (A-1)
  4. 4. Repeat for other 3 remaining outer ring fabrics and separate each fabric into 4 groups.b. 

b. Center ring

  1. 1. Cut 1.25” wide strip of Center Ring Fabric. A strip of half yard fabric should be sufficient.
  2. 2. Fold strip to make 4 layers of 1.5”. Cut all four layers into 1.25”x1.25”(C-2)
  3. 3. Fold remaining strip into 4 layers of 3.75”. Cut layers into 3.5” x 1.25” (C-1)
c. Background   
  1. 1. Cut 1.25” wide strip of Background Fabric. A strip of a yard fabric should be sufficient.
  2. 2. Fold strip to make 3 layers of 4”. Cut all 3 layers into 3 sets of  1.25”x1.25”(B-3). You will have 9 pieces.
  3. 3. Fold remaining strip into 4 layers of 4.25”. Cut layers into 2 sets of 2”x1.25” (B-2). You will have 8 pieces.
  4. 4. Fold remaining strip into 4 layers of 3”. Cut layers into 2.75”x1.25” (B-1)
  5. 5. Cut 8” wide strip of Background fabric. A strip of half yard fabric should be sufficient.
  6.  6. Cut strip into 2, 8”x8” pieces. Take both pieces and rotate by 45 degrees. Cut the 8”x8” into 4 triangles (B-4).




Arrange outer ring fabric into 4 sets in the order of how you want the rings to interlock.  Select one set as the current outer ring. You will sew the pieces into 4 individual panels. The 4 panels will be sewn together to form a whole interlocking ring panel.


  • • After sewing each piece, be sure to iron both sides of the fabric, pressing the ¼” seam allowance to the darker fabric side.
  • • All sewn strips will be ¾” wide. Measuring before sewing and after ironing will result in seams that will line up evenly.
  • • Carefully align and pin seams prior to sewing.
  1. 1. Sew B-1 (background) to top of A-2 of next outer ring set.
  2. 2. A-1 of current outer ring set to the left side of the pieces
  3. 3. B-2 to the bottom of the pieces then set aside the pieces.




1. Sew B-3, A-2 of next outer ring set, B-3, and C-2

2. Sew C-1 to the left side of the pieces

3. Sew B-2 to the top




1. Sew first group of pieces to the 2nd group

2. Sew A-1 to the top

3. Sew A-2, A-2 of next outer ring fabric, and A-1

4. Sew last group of pieces to the right


Repeat the steps for the next 3 panels to create 4 panels.

*The last panel will use the first set of outer ring fabric for the “next outer ring set” for A-2.

  1. 1. Combine the 4 panels by first sewing the last B-3 to the bottom right corner of first panel.  *Leave 5/8” un-sewn on the top to sew the final block.
  2. 2. Sew 4th block to the bottom of 1st with B-3. Turn 90 degrees to line up the patterns.
  3. 3. Sew 3rd to the 4th and then sew the 2nd onto the 3rd.
  4. 4. Sew the 2nd block to the 1st block. Be careful to line up the seams of B-3 from step one.




  1. 1. Sew B-4 to the top of the interlocking rings. Leave 1” un-sewn on the left edge, fold and pin.
  2. 2. Turn 90 degrees counter clockwise and sew the next B-4. Trim the corner edge remaining after a B-4 piece is sewn to each side of the interlocking rings leaving the ¼” seam allowance.
  3. 3. Continue sewing B-4 to each side of the interlocking rings. After sewing the last B-4 piece, unfold the pinned edge, sew together and trim edge corner. You will be left with a large square about 13” x 13”.
  4. 4. Trim all four sides, aligning the center of the interlocking rings, measuring 12.5”x12.5”.
  5. 5. Relax and enjoy the completed interlocking seasons block.

To see the completed blocks, you can find the blog posts here and here.  You can also find them on my Flickr:  1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8.  This block was designed by Mister Parfait for the 3×6 Bee

If you make a block using this tutorial, please add it to my Flickr group, Parfait Projects!

Please feel free to contact us for any questions at all!

All editorial content and graphics on this document produced by Madame Parfait (original material) are copyright and all rights reserved. Please do not reproduce, copy, or distribute any material from this document. Feel free to link to the website, and please contact me if you would like further information on use. All projects and tutorials created and listed are for personal use only. Any outside images, material and information NOT produced by Madame Parfait are copyright their respective owners. © 2010 – 2011 Madame Parfait and The Parfait Café.

Finished 3×6 Bee Blocks and Bonjour……

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

…to Little Mademoiselle! She made her appearance last week, quite a surprise to us all!  7lbs 12oz’s, she is cute as cute as a button and such a joy!  Little Mister is taking over the role as big brother with ease, and Mister Parfait and I are doing quite well! 

We did find a chance to finish and send out the quilts blocks for the 3 x 6 Bee!  Above is the whole set, I’m going to miss them!  Now I have the next quarter to look forward too, better get to thinking up blocks!

Also, we are still working on a tutorial for the block; there will just be a slight baby delay! ^_-

EDIT: Tutorial is up!

[3 x 6] Bee Quilt Block

Monday, May 16th, 2011


Above is my test block for the [3 x 6] Sampler Quilt Mini Bee 2nd Qtr 2011 – Beehive 23!  Unfortunately I can’t take any credit; that belongs to Mr. Parfait.  My original design did not work out, and I wallowed in self pity for a few days before giving in and accepting that it just wasn’t going to work.  After days of trying to think of something else (I had a mental block due to my original design, heh) my Husband came up with this design.  A few days later we got busy working on a test block using my color palette.  It is cut and pieced as patchwork, then set on point.  I really love the finished block, the interlocking squares/shapes look really neat!  I can’t wait to see it made in the other color choices; I think orange and aqua on gray is going to look great!

Edit:  Tutorial is up!


Cupcake Quilt Blocks

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011


Phew, what a week!  I caught yet another cold and was out of it since early last week!  Things seem to be looking up now, and I’m finally feeling better.  Unfortunately I didn’t get *any* sewing done, I didn’t even step foot in my sewing room!  With just a few weeks left in my pregnancy, I don’t think I’m going to get half of my projects that I had planned finished.  I need to stop looking at cute baby girl clothing patterns on blogs and finish what I have!  

Since I had a germy break from sewing, this post is another little back-post.   I started these blocks forever ago but they sat untouched for some time due to sewing machine problems and my disassembled sewing room.  I finally pieced them together, and now they await quilting, which is the most nerve-wracking part for me! 

This quilt is being made for local Quilts for Kids sewing group to be given to children in the hospital.

Orange Overload!

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

I seem to have oranges on my mind these days!  It all started with a pregnancy craving for Orange Julius.  I craved them with Little Mister, and after finally tracking one down, was a little disappointed it didn’t taste the same as it did when I was a young teen.  After letting that craving pass, I decided I needed Starbucks hot chocolate with Valencia orange syrup.  Wouldn’t you know it, they no longer have that syrup!  Then it was nutella and orange crepes, orange marmalade muffins, and it all somehow trickled down to orange fabric.  Fueling my fire was Lily’s Quilt Along, a Dresden circle project.  I think the orange fabrics work sooo well in Dresden form!  I’m naming my quilt the “Orange Creamsicle”! 

The next orange project I worked on was the Blockwork Orange swap, where each member makes a set number of crazy nine patch block based on Oh Fransson’s design.  I made 18, and now wish I had made a few more!  It was my first time making this block, and I enjoyed it a lot!  I spent way, way too long trying to match up my seams though.  I took out a few stitches, tried again, and finally just made it look the best I could.  I’m not sure some of the seams CAN match, at least that is what I am telling myself!

On a funny note, when I was typing up this post, auto correct changed Orange Overload to Orange Overlord!  I almost went with that!

I, Mme. Parfait, pledge to do my very best to have integrity and honesty in my swap commitments.  To be on time, to participate in discussions, and to communicate if I am going to be late or unable to complete my obligations to my swap partner.


Quilt Block – Deep Sea Latte

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Can you guess what this quilt block is?!  It’s a coffee cup!  I was holding off on posting this until I had my little tutorial up, but I’m a wee bit behind on that!  This block came about while drinking my beloved salted caramel hot chocolate from a coffee shop that just so happens to use a mermaid on their logo.  It was free pieced, no paper or template to go off of (which again is where the Husband comes in!), and it required me to cut into my Mendocino by Heather Ross.  It is by far my favorite fabric, and from what I have collected I can’t seem to cut, at all.  Years ago when it first debuted and I was a new quilter, I bought a fat quarter bundle to make a modern quilt pattern I had on hand.  Thinking if I needed more I could just buy it at any time, I started to cut away!  Fast forward a few weeks later, needing more fabric, and not being able to find it anywhere!  So now I horde it like a wacky person!  Anywho, I will have a tutorial up in the upcoming weeks on how this block is constructed, and how to turn it into something useful!

Single Girl Quilt Along – Part Two

Friday, March 18th, 2011

I’ve been a busy little bee these past two days!  I’m usually not this productive, at all.  I figured since I already had all the little fabric pieces cut out and displayed on my cutting table, I might as well take a jab at sewing them!  Honestly, it was having to cut something out on said cutting table, not having the room to do so, and too afraid to move all those little pieces motivated.  They came together rather quickly, but again it took me about 4 hours.  I started to set up a nice working flow, the cut pieces on one side of my sewing machine for the RQ I was working on, and mini ironing board on the other.  That way I could grab what I needed, sew, press and then start over.  I have two more arcs to finish for RQ4!  I really can’t believe it; I never, ever thought I would attempt this pattern.  Thanks to the quilt along and flickr group I got up the nerve to give it a try.  One thing I am nervous about though is that some of my arcs in the same ring quarter are longer than others.  I’m really happy with my color choices, but still undecided about the background fabric.  Originally I wanted it green, now I’m playing with light pink, yellow, or white. 

Quilt Along Fabrics

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

When I joined the Single Girl Quilt Along, I had envisioned keeping up week to week, quilting along. Well, things didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned!  My first batch of fabrics didn’t arrive until late in the 2nd week, and then I needed to purchase a few more fabrics to complete my rings.  Then I ran out of template plastic, lost some templates (you would think I would just re-trace them, but no, I spent forever trying to find those little suckers.  And then I re-traced them.), changed my mind on my colors a dozen times, and couldn’t find the time to hand cut the ring parts out.  Better late than never! 

I finally traced out all my templates, and set aside some time to get to work!  It took about 3 hours (thank you abnormally long nap) to cut my strips and trace the templates on.  And I’m only making a baby quilt!  I admire all you hard workers out there making the bigger sizes!  After Little Mister went to sleep I started to cut out each ring piece, which took…4 hours.  Thank you American Idol, Top Chef, and Being Human (now if only BBC UK would let me watch season 3, I could finish a queen size! Hah!).  I’m only using 16 fabrics so after P I had to get a little creative and try and play around with the fabrics to make sure nothing was going to be out of place….which took another hour.  Man, I am slow.  I wanted to make another baby quilt for soon to arrive Little Mademoiselle, since I figure once she arrives my quilting and sewing time is going to be nonexistent  for a bit! But I can’t wait!  I chose Riley Blake’s’ Quite Contrary and Summer Song for the rings, and I’m still waiting to see what Kona green I should use for the background.  Spring?  Sour Apple?

These orange fabrics are for both Lily’s Quilt Along and A Blockwork Orange.  I completely messed up cutting out the 9 ½” blocks needed for Blockwork Orange, and I still can’t find where I went wrong.  Selvedge to selvedge, trim the sides, and cut 9 ½”.  Turn, and cut again….but now it is 8 or 8 ½” on one side!  Sooooo I had to order more fabric, but that’s fine by me since I have more fabric to play with!  I have always wanted to try the crazy nine patch, and I’m super excited to assemble a quilt using other quilter’s blocks!  I’m going to try for 18 blocks on this one. The fabrics are a combination of Kate Spain Central Park, Heather Ross Mendocino, Jenean Morrison Picnic Parade, and Chrysalis by Sanae for Moda.

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