Finished Bee Blocks

Here’s the first set of our 3×6 Bee Blocks this quarter. I love looking at these all together, the colors in this hive were fantastic! I’m really starting to open up to different color combinations, and that’s the great thing about these bees! I’m finding so much color inspiration and having so much fun finding new and interesting fabrics!

I have been getting some emails regarding tutorials for these new blocks, and I promise, they are coming soon! Tutorials for all three new blocks will be posted as soon as all of the blocks are finished and all of the bee commitments are fulfilled.

Also, I wanted to post a little information about the “Bee Blocks” and what they are for. I am currently part of three “Virtual Bee’s” on Flickr, the 3×6, 4×5 and the EmbroiderBee. Upon joining the bee (they usually run in quarters), you are assigned a “hive”. Everyone (5-6 people) in your hive has a color scheme they are looking for, and they post an inspiration mosaic of their colors. You make a 12.5″ block of your choice, same block design for each member of your hive, in their posted colors from fabrics in your stash.  That is why we make so many blocks in different colors of the same design!  

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10 Responses to “Finished Bee Blocks”

  1. DianeY says:

    You make the most fantastic blocks! How I wish I was in one of your hives! Can’t wait for the tute!

  2. Toni says:

    Those are such cool blocks! I really love the one with the orange fabrics. Can’t wait to see the tutorial!

  3. Nancy says:

    I have been drooling over these blocks since I first saw them. Thank you, thank you for letting us know you will be providing a tute. I can’t wait. These look like they would be fun as a rug mug too.

  4. Kim says:

    Hi again!
    I would like to find either the pattern, or preferably the tutorials for the bee blocks (hexagon shaped) with the same pattern inside as well as the bee blocks (again Hexagon shaped) that have different patterns inside them.

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  9. Gwen Robl says:

    I love your blocks. The hexagons are great but I really like the entwined squares. My grandfather had an apiary and bees are so endangered right now that making honey comb cells is so creative. I love your choices of colors and fabrics. I’d love to see the tutorials.

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